At E-Squared Marketing Group we pride ourselves on delivering effective and efficient solutions for your business. But you don’t reach that level of effectiveness and efficiency without another “e” word – experience. The path to true effectiveness and efficiency requires a thorough understanding of our client’s individual needs and pinch points. Every strategy, every media plan, and every creative concept our team crafts for our clients is infused with their collective talents, vast in-market knowledge, and industry experience.

In today’s world of technology, getting noticed requires a distinctly human touch to make sure your marketing is impactful. Our team gets to know your business, infusing each element of your strategy with the collective talents, knowledge, and industry experience that defines us. It’s about more than a one-size-fits-all solution. We sculpt a strategy that brings out the core of your brand to connect directly with your audience. 

Industries We Know Inside And Out

Home Services

Home Improvement


Services We Specialize In

Brand Strategy

Our team crafts a clear and concise blueprint to guide your company’s vision.

Media Strategy

We use analytics and a ton of research so you don’t waste your money talking to the wrong people.


Our superior negotiating skills help drive the greatest value for your business.


We have the people to develop and craft your next advertising campaign whether it’s in TV, print, out-of-home, or digital.


We have nationally recognized research and testing capabilities.


We know digital from SEO to PPC and OTT. We can work with your digital partner or manage all your digital services. Either way, we stay connected to all digital strategies to ensure synergistic messaging with other media such as TV, Cable, OTT< Outdoor, Print, Events, and Public Relations to present a consistent identity and maximize messaging and effectiveness.

Why Guess When You Can Test?

The only way to know you’re telling the right story for your brand is to test it. We have a proprietary research arm that will test your ads for consumer reaction and brand gain effect. You will know exactly what’s working and what’s not.


Then once we help you fine-tune your message, we make sure it reaches the right markets. We also hold all vendors to 100% delivery and accountability.


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