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Two different men, both successful in their own right, one loves football the other tennis, one listens to country and the other classical, one watches Face the Nation, one watches Entertainment Tonight. Understanding the media consumption characteristics of your target consumer is the first step in creating effective creative campaigns delivered to the most efficient or highest concentration of target consumers for the expenditure. Sleep a little easier at night knowing your advertising and marketing dollars are working the hardest they can!

Effective and Efficient – E-Squared specializes in creating effective messaging and delivery to insure great results and maximization of reach.

Experience – E-Squared’s executive team possess over 30 years of expertise in brand strategy development, implementation and execution for our clients.

Depth of Research – E-Squared can provide expert in-depth research in media, consumer products, consumer characteristics and purchasing patterns. Research used to enhance and optimize campaign performance.

Brand Strategy Experts – We are brand media strategists that help our clients create effective campaign messaging to maximize the consumer’s comprehension of your value proposition and to create a positive brand experience.

All Bases Covered – Print, Digital, Outdoor, Radio, TV, Events, Stadium and Sponsorships – we will help build the strategy to maximize our client’s spend and produce a superior ROI. Once the right mix is identified and scheduled, E-Square’s team will monitor and track to make sure 100% deliverables are attained.

The Special Sauce – Unrivaled national consumer messaging research, premier experience identifying efficient media options, stringent accounting of all media placement – all result in maximum performance.